Nevada pot shops can finally restock

Recreational marijuana sales began in Nevada on July 1st, and pot products have been flying off the shelves. While this may seem like good news for dispensaries, they’ve been stressed about restocking. This is because for the first 18 months of legal cannabis sales, alcohol distributors have exclusive rights to transport the state’s weed- and most haven’t been interested.

This component of the new marijuana law was intended to soothe the booze industry’s concerns that legal pot would mean less alcohol sales. However, this compromise became a problem when the state said “pass” to the few distributors that actually applied for the license to handle cannabis. Fortunately, Nevada made the last-minute decision to license two alcohol wholesalers to transport weed from seed to store. Learn more about Nevada’s marijuana mess here.

DEA admits you can’t OD on marijuana

The Drug Enforcement Agency recently released Drugs of Abuse, a resource guide about various- you guessed it- drugs. In this guide, the DEA wrote, “No deaths from overdose of marijuana have been recorded.” It also mentioned that the effects of cannabis include happiness and enhanced imagination. The DEA has been staunchly anti-marijuana, but maybe this is a signal of hope.

Hindu deity is sick of cannabis tourism

Malana is an ancient Indian village that happens to be famous for its primo hashish. The village elders fear that cannabis tourists are threatening this remote community’s unique culture, which is probably a legitimate concern. Recently, the village’s protective deity, Jamlu Devta, “spoke” to the elders and told them to end marijuana tourism. You can’t argue with a divine being.

World’s top marijuana cultivator

Guess which country grows more cannabis than any other? Morocco takes the lead (by a lot). The North African nation is followed by Mexico, and then Nigeria. Check out other interesting findings from the United Nations’ World Drug Report 2017 here.

Cannabis K-Cups

Do you like marijuana? What about minimal-effort coffee? Brewbudz, a San Diego startup, has debuted a line of cannabis-infused coffees and teas in single-serve packaging. The real question: could you get away with drinking these at the office?