Print your own edibles

3D printing is trendy, and so are unique marijuana edibles. Combine the two, and you get Potent Rope. Potent Rope is an edible cannabis filament for use in a 3D printer. In a nutshell, an edible thermoplastic is combined with marijuana extract, creating a filament ready for 3D printing. Want a custom-created edible in the shape of a spaceship? Here you go.

Marijuana effective at treating migraines

The results of a new study show that medical cannabis may be more effective at treating migraines than the prescription drugs currently in use. A THC-CBD combination was shown to reduce both migraine pain and the frequency of attacks in the study’s participants. Learn more about the research here.

Nevada’s first days of recreational cannabis

Recreational dispensaries in Nevada opened their doors last Saturday. You could say it went well. In the state’s first four days of legal recreational marijuana sales, it saw $3 million in sales revenue and $500,000 in tax revenue. Good for the economy, good for the government.

Lawsuit over medical marijuana smoking ban in Florida

John Morgan, an Orlando-based attorney, is suing the state of Florida over a new law that bans smoking medical cannabis. Morgan contends that toking up in private should be legal. Learn about this battle here.

Greece legalizes medical cannabis

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of Greece announced that his nation will legalize medical marijuana. Guidelines on how cannabis will be grown and distributed are still to come.