Rhode Island’s proposal to legalize marijuana

Two Rhode Island lawmakers introduced a unique recreational cannabis bill. In short, adults 21 and older would be allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana. An advisory panel would be established in order to provide recommendations on how to organize a legal retail trade in the future. It’s legalization, but it holds off on the bureaucratic mess of setting up legal dispensaries. Interesting.

Spain is growing Europe’s cannabis

Spain has long been known for being Europe’s point of entry for hashish coming in from Morocco. Now, it’s looking like the country has increased its own marijuana production. In fact, cannabis production in Spain has skyrocketed in recent years. Recent police busts have revealed massive amounts of marijuana heading from Spain to other parts of Europe. Someone’s gotta do it.

Colorado adds PTSD as medical marijuana condition

Post-traumatic stress disorder has been added to the list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in Colorado. Veterans have been fighting for this inclusion for years. If you think this isn’t that big of a deal, know that this is the first new condition added since the state’s medical marijuana program began in 2001. Learn more here.

Cannabis may help destroy tumors

Researchers at St. George’s, University of London found that using concentrated marijuana in conjunction with chemotherapy resulted in greater death of cancer cells. They also discovered that using medical cannabis after chemotherapy is more effective at killing cancer cells than using it before. Now you know.

Pot pizza

Do you like the idea of edibles, but aren’t into the usual high-sugar offerings? Take a trip to Quincy, Massachusetts, where one medical marijuana dispensary is offering cannabis-infused pizza. Check it out here.