Ohioans seeking Michigan marijuana

Ohio’s medical cannabis law was approved last year, but dispensaries in the state won’t open for quite some time. Some Ohioans with doctor-issued marijuana recommendations have decided not to wait around for their local dispensary to open. They’re opting to venture into neighboring Michigan, where certain dispensaries will sell to these out-of-staters. Learn more about this way around waiting here.

Colorado’s weed windfall

Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado signed a budget bill that directs how the state’s marijuana tax money will be spent. Colorado brought in over $105 million in cannabis taxes in the 2016-17 fiscal year. Much of the money will go toward schools, healthcare, low-income housing and oversight of the marijuana industry. Fingers crossed that other states take note.

Effects of mixing cannabis and tobacco

A new study from University College London examined how marijuana and tobacco interact when mixed together. The takeaway? Smoking tobacco with cannabis does not improve the high, is worse for physical health and is better for memory. Check out the findings here.

VA Secretary on medical marijuana

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said that the VA is very open to the possibility of letting veterans use medical marijuana. He also said that federal law prevents the VA from seriously looking into this option. Are you listening, President Trump?

High Times sells majority stake

High Times, the infamous marijuana brand, is selling a 60% majority stake for roughly $42 million to investment firm Oreva Capital. Learn more about this deal here.