Marijuana breathalyzer gets high-profile funding

Hound Labs, a startup that makes a cannabis breathalyzer, just pulled in $8.1 million in funding. Who footed the bill? Benchmark Capital, which is the same venture firm that invested early on in Uber, Snap and Dropbox.

If you’re wondering why a breathalyzer that tests for marijuana is such a big deal, it’s because cannabis is notoriously difficult to test for during, say, a traffic stop. Most existing tests check for THC in body fluids, which can hang around for weeks after a person has last used cannabis. Founded by an emergency room doctor, Hound Labs is looking to produce a truly reliable breathalyzer for law enforcement to use. Launch is expected by the end of the year.

Pot parties for seniors

Can you imagine your grandparents visiting a cannabis dispensary? Probably not. Enter Octavia Wellness, a startup that focuses on bringing pot products to California’s senior communities. Employees educate residents on everything from the medical benefits of marijuana to how to use oils and tinctures to how to get a doctor’s recommendation. Learn more about these parties here.

Vermont governor vetoes recreational cannabis bill

Vermont recently became the first state to pass a recreational marijuana bill through both legislative chambers, which was pretty exciting. On Wednesday, Governor Phil Scott said he was vetoing the bill, which was a lot less exciting. Scott, a Republican, indicated that he was sending it back to the legislature for changes. There’s still hope.

Weed, California legalizes weed

Weed is a town in Northern California. Many jokes have been made about this. A couple weeks ago, the Weed City Council voted to allow medical marijuana within city limits. Insert pot joke here.

Marijuana is not the safest recreational drug

According to this year’s Global Drug Survey, magic mushrooms are the safest recreational drug. Cannabis is close behind. Check out the findings of the survey here.