Washington goes organic

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington signed a bill on Tuesday that gets the ball rolling for the state to create an organic certification system for marijuana. Just a reminder: since cannabis is illegal on the federal level, the United States Department of Agriculture does not recognize it as a crop that can be certified organic. Any company can slap a “Certified Organic” sticker on pesticide-ridden cannabis products. Cheers to Washington for looking for a statewide solution.

Willie Nelson’s advice to Jeff Sessions

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, pot-loving musician Willie Nelson was asked about Attorney General Jeff Session’s statement that marijuana is barely better than heroin. Nelson’s response? He thinks that Sessions should try both and see how he feels. It’s pretty doubtful that Sessions will take Nelson’s advice, but you never know with this administration.

Vermont’s marijuana bill

Vermont has made history by becoming the first U.S. state to pass a recreational marijuana bill through both legislative chambers. Now, the legislation is sitting on the desk of Republican Governor Phil Scott. Scott has five days to decide whether to veto or sign the bill, or let it become law without his signature. We’ll keep you posted.

Border officials ban pot-smoking Canadians

Cannabis is legal in Washington. It will soon be legal across Canada. However, if you’re crossing from Canada into Washington and you admit you’ve used marijuana to a border officer, you could be prevented from entering the U.S. In fact, you might be banned forever. Learn more about this ridiculous situation here.

NASCAR isn’t into vaping

Race car driver Carl Long had to remove the logo of a cannabis vaping company from his car after NASCAR claimed it breached certain sponsorship rules. An official said that the logo was never vetted and approved. Add NASCAR to the list of sports enterprises with arbitrary marijuana rules.