Oregon’s weed money

Oregon’s recreational marijuana sales have brought in tens of millions of dollars in revenue. Good news for the state deficit, public schools and more, right? Not yet. Multiple entities that are supposed to receive funds accumulated through marijuana taxes have yet to see their share. This is because the Oregon Liquor Control Commission needs reimbursement for the millions spent on setting up the pot program. Learn more about this mess here.

Marijuana festival tries to adopt a highway

What’s worse than a garbage-strewn road? Cannabis enthusiasts, apparently. The Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival recently applied to “adopt” a stretch of highway in rural Pennsylvania. The state’s Department of Transportation declined. The reasoning? Apparently having the word “cannabis” appear on an Adopt-a-Highway sign is obscene. Ugh.

Cannabis in Chilean pharmacies

Pharmacies in Santiago, Chile’s capital, will begin to sell cannabis-based medicines this week. This is a first for Latin America. Even pharmacies in Uruguay, which has legal recreational marijuana, have not begun selling cannabis. Here’s to you, Chile.

Marijuana fights the effects of aging

New research suggests that marijuana reverses age-related declines in brain function of elderly mice. After receiving THC, elderly mice performed as well on memory and learning tests as young mice. Learn more about this study here.

Church of Cannabis to hold weddings

Denver’s International Church of Cannabis, which is exactly what it sounds like, announced that it will begin holding weddings. If you love marijuana as much as you love your partner, here you go.